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Dr. Isabelle Rosso receives two major grants

Dr. Isabelle Rosso has recently been awarded two major grants from the NIMH (one R01 and a Conte Center Grant (P50) project).

For her R01, entitled “Multimodal imaging of hippocampal-cortical networks and mechanisms of trauma-related intrusions,” Dr. Rosso and her team will investigate brain processes associated with distinctive characteristics of trauma memories, including vivid sensory-perceptual experiences

For her P50 project, entitled “Clinical studies of CRF-PACAP systems in human PTSD,” the goal will be to investigate neuroimaging measures of hyperarousal and stress in PTSD, and relate them to key stress peptides, including PACAP and CRF.

Congratulations to Dr. Rosso for these outstanding and well-deserved outcomes.

Dr. Poornima Kumar promoted to Assistant Professor

Poornima Kumar was recently promoted to Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Congratulations Poornima!

Dr. Pizzagalli receives NARSAD Distinguished Investigator award

Diego Pizzagalli receives a 2017 NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Award Grant for a new study probing a potential new target for antidepressant treatment. More information can be found here.

ACNP presents 2017 Joel Elkes Research Award to Dr. Pizzagalli

Diego Pizzagalli received the 2017 Joel Elkes Research Award from the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP). The ACNP presents this annual award in recognition of a scientist’s outstanding clinical contribution to neuropsychopharmacology. For more information see the press release here.

Christian Webb receives the ABCT’s New Researcher Award

christian_webbChristian Webb has been presented with the President’s New Researcher Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). This award is given based upon “consistency with the mission of ABCT; independent work published in high-impact journals; and promise of developing theoretical or practical applications that represent clear advances to the field.”

Dr. Isabelle Rosso promoted to Associate Professor

Isabelle Rosso has been promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Congratulations Isabelle!

Dr. Auerbach has received the 2017 Annual Alfred Pope Award

Randy Auerbach has received the 2017 Annual Alfred Pope Award for Young Investigators, from McLean Hospital.


Dr. Pizzagalli honored to receive the Stuart T. Hauser, M.D. PhD. Mentorship Award in Psychiatry

Diego Pizzagalli has been honored with the Stuart T. Hauser, M.D. PhD. Mentorship Award in Psychiatry, from Harvard Medical School. The Hauser Award recognizes a faculty member for outstanding sustained mentorship of medical students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty in the areas of adult and child psychiatry, human development, and psychosocial research.

Four CDASR scientists receive grants to advance their research

Several CDASR scientists recently received grants to advance their research:

  • Randy Auerbach (with Stewart Shankman) received an NIMH R21 grant for a project entitled, Identifying Social Processes Implicated in Remitted Recurrent Depression.
  • Emily Belleau has received three awards: the Kaplen Fellowship on Depression from HMS, a Livingston Fellowship Award from HMS, and the Adam Corneel Young Investigator Award from McLean Hospital. These grants will support Emily’s research on adolescent depression.
  • Sarah Hope Lincoln is the recipient of the 2017 Child Intervention, Prevention, & Services (CHIPS) Fellowship.
  • Elizabeth Olson has been awarded a Presidential Fellowship from McLean Hospital.

Dr. Auerbach receives Theodore Blau Early Career Award from the Society of Clinical Psychology

Randy Auerbach is the 2017 recipient of the Theodore Blau Early Career Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Clinical Psychology, from the Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 of the APA.


Dr. Webb receives HMS promotion

christian_webbChristian Webb was recently promoted to Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Congratulations to Dr. Webb!


NARSAD Investigator awards go to three CDASR scientists

Elizabeth Olson, Roselinde Kaiser, and Jeremy Stewart have each received a NARSAD Investigator award. Liz will explore neural circuits that link PTSD with other mental disorders including suicidal behavior. Dr. Kaiser will investigate how large-scale brain networks involved in cognitive control might be affected in mood disorders.  Jeremy will seek to identify predictors of suicide attempts in high-risk adolescents using EEG to measure their sensitivity to rejection.

Dr. Webb earns 2016 Alfred Pope Award

christian_webbChristian Webb was recently awarded the 25th annual Alfred Pope Award for Young Investigators, McLean’s highest research honor. Christian received the award for research focused on clarifying the etiology and underlying pathophysiology of depression. The award ceremony was covered in a recent edition of McLean News. Congratulations Christian!




Elizabeth Olson receives an Alies Muskin Career Development award from ADAA

Elizabeth Olson has received an Alies Muskin Career Development Leadership Program award from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). This is a highly competitive program that provides mentoring and professional development opportunity for early career clinicians and researchers.