Kevin Clancy, PhD

Instructor in Psychiatry

Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders Laboratory

McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Office: deMarneffe Building, office 226
Phone: 617-855-2120


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Florida State University, 2022

B.S., Psychology, Neurobiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014

Curriculum vitae


Research Interests

My program of research focuses on the identification of neuropathophysiological mechanisms of posttraumatic stress symptoms using multimodal neuroimaging and neuromodulation techniques. Specifically, I am interested in the impact aberrant sensory cortical activity has on the dysregulation of large-scale neural networks and subsequent symptoms of intrusive re-experiencing in PTSD. I am further interested in the intersection of endogenous and exogenous neuromodulation in the treatment of these dysregulated neural circuits.