Dr. Poornima Kumar has been awarded a grant from the Harvard Brain Science Initiative (HBI) Bipolar Disorder Seed Grant Program.

The title of her project is “Building a Computational Model of Mood Instability in Bipolar Disorder.” The goal of this project is to use computational approaches to identify dissociable behavioral markers that explain the cause and maintenance of mood instability in bipolar disorder. Congratulations, Poornima!

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Affective Neuroscience of Trauma and Resilience Lab

Director: Elizabeth Olson, Ph.D. The Affective Neuroscience of Trauma and Resilience (ANTARES) lab conducts research on social, cognitive, and affective processes in psychopathology and resilience, with our work currently focusing on stress and trauma, reward processing, and social engagement. Broadly, our group is interested in changes in affective, cognitive, and social processing in people who have been exposed to stress, trauma, and/or childhood maltreatment, including individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While powerful translational models of deficits in fear learning...

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