Publications in Press

Berghorst, L.H.*, Kumar, P.*, Greve, D.N., Deckersbach, T., Ongur, D., Dutra, S., Pizzagalli, D.A. (in press). Stress and reward processing in bipolar disorder: An fMRI study. Bipolar Disorders. [*Co-first authors]

Jensen, J.E.*, Auerbach, R.P.*, Pisoni, A., Pizzagalli, D.A. (in press). Localized MRS reliability of in vivo glutamate at 3 Tesla in shortened scan times: A feasibility study. NMR in Biomedicine. [*Co-first authors]

Kaiser, R.H., Treadway, M.T.*, Wooten, D.W.*, Kumar, P.*, Goer, F., Murray, L., Beltzer, M., Pechtel, P., Whitton, A.E., Cohen, A.L., Alpert, N.M., El Fakhri, G., Normandin, M.D., Pizzagalli, D.A. (in press). Frontostriatal and dopamine markers of individual differences in reinforcement learning: A multi-modal investigation. Cerebral Cortex. [*Equal contributions]

Moran, L.V., Stoeckel, L.E., Wang, K., Caine, C.E., Villafuerte, R., Calderon, V., Baker, J.T., Ongur, D., Janes, A.C., Pizzagalli, D.A.*, Evins, A.E.* (in press). Nicotine increases activation to anticipatory valence cues in anterior insula and striatum. Nicotine & Tobacco Research [*Equal senior contributions.]

Olson EA, Kaiser RH, Pizzagalli DA, Rauch SL, Rosso IM (in press). Anhedonia in trauma-exposed individuals: functional connectivity and decision-making correlates. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience &  Neuroimaging.

Pizzagalli, D.A., Whitton, A.E., Webb, C.A. (in press). Mood Disorders. In James N. Butcher, Jill Hooley, Philip D. Kendall (Eds). APA Handbook of Psychopathology, American Psychological Association.

Treadway, M.T.*, Admon, R.*, Arulpragasam, A.R., Mehta, M., Douglas, S., Vitaliano, G., Olson, D.P., Cooper, J.A., Pizzagalli, D.A. (in press). Association between interleukin-6 and striatal prediction-error signals following acute stress in healthy females. Biological Psychiatry. [*Contributed equally]

Whitton, A.E., Deccy, S., Ironside, M.L., Kumar, P., Beltzer, M., Pizzagalli, D.A. (in press). EEG source functional connectivity reveals abnormal high-frequency communication among large-scale functional networks in depression. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging.

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