1998-2000 Publications

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Pizzagalli, D., Lehmann, D., Koenig, T., Regard, M., Pascual-Marqui, R.D. (2000). Face-elicited ERPs and affective attitude: Brain electric microstate and tomography analyses. Clinical Neurophysiology, 111, 521-31. PDF

Pizzagalli, D., Koenig, T., Regard, M., Lehmann, D. (1999). Affective attitudes to face images associated with intracerebral EEG source location before face viewing. Cognitive Brain Research, 7, 371-377. PDF

Pizzagalli, D., Regard, M., & Lehmann, D. (1999). Rapid emotional face processing in the human right and left brain hemispheres. NeuroReport, 10, 2691-2698. PDF

Pizzagalli, D., Koenig, T., Regard, M., Lehmann, D. (1998). Faces and emotions: Brain electric field sources during covert emotional processing. Neuropsychologia, 36, 323-332. PDF

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