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Pia Pechtel recently received a NARSAD Young Investigator's Award to investigate whether deficits in reward processing are associated with risky behavior in adolescents who develop depression following sexual abuse. With this award, Dr. Pechtel hopes to identify factors that can distinguish individuals at risk for depression and develop targeted interventions to prevent high-risk behavior.

Poornima Kumar has been honored with a NARSAD Young Investigator's Award to investigate anhedonia, a core symptom of depression that may be attributed to a dysfunctional reward system in the brain. With this award, Dr. Kumar will investigate the neural correlates of reward learning using social feedback.

Dan Dillon has received a K99/R00 grant from NIMH to launch a new line of neuroimaging work investigating memory and reward processing in depression.


Poornima Kumar has received a Livingston Award from the HMS Department of Psychiatry for her proposal to study reinforcement learning abnormalities in depression.

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