Randy P. Auerbach, Ph.D., ABPP

Randy Auerbach

Director, Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Laboratory
Director, Clinical Research, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry,
Harvard Medical School
Center for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Research 

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Research Interests

Dr. Randy P. Auerbach’s research is aimed at identifying psychosocial, behavioral, neurobiological, and genetic factors that render certain children, adolescents and young adults vulnerable to experience depressive symptoms and episodes. The research incorporates a developmental, psychopathological perspective through its attention to the types and severity of stressors that youth experience, peer and environmental influences, and resources available for coping. Such research also examines individual differences in how youth respond to depressive symptoms with respect to patterns of risky behavior engagement, nonsuicidal self-injury, and suicidality. Using a multimodal approach to assessment (i.e., EEG, fMRI), Dr. Auerbach has also begun to examine behavioral and neural mechanisms that may mediate depressive symptom change in the context of individual cognitive behavioral therapy. As a whole, the goal of Dr. Auerbach’s research is to identify mechanisms that underlie major depressive disorder in order to improve early identification, prevention, and treatment.

Education and Awards

Cornell University: B.A. (2000)
McGill University: Ph. D. Psychology (2010)

Dr. Auerbach received his B.A. (2000) from Cornell University and his Ph.D. (2010) from McGill University. In 2010, he completed his predoctoral internship training at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Dr. Auerbach is the recipient of the David Shakow Early Career Award and the Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Early Career Award.

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